Seeds Of Wellness Team

Meet the team here at Seeds of Wellness!

Manu Field

Co-Founder / Managing Director

A scientist by training, and a communicator by profession, Manu experienced his awakening a couple of years ago, leading both to a number of major life changes and to him beginning to seriously question pretty much everything we are all told about mainstream medicine and other aspects of how the world works.

He is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and focuses on helping others progress on their own self-discovery and wellness journey.

Isabel Villagran

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Isabel is a free and adventurous soul, who spent most of her life feeling lost and incomplete. This forced her to pretend to be something that she wasn’t, constantly overthinking and overdoing, which resulted in her developing a range of ongoing chronic ‘dis-eases’ until she hit rock bottom. She experienced a burnout and a crisis in all major areas of her life.

Isabel now focuses on helping women discover the root causes of their dis-eases, guiding them to awaken the healer within, and inspiring them to make progress in their journey back to holistic wellbeing.