About the Team

Photo of Manu Field

Manu Field PhD IHP

Co-Founder & Managing Director

A scientist by training (with a PhD in Molecular Neurobiology from the University of Cambridge, UK), and a communicator and educator by profession, Manu experienced an awakening (“mid-life crisis”) some years ago. This led to a number of major life changes, ultimately including a radical change in career to one in the holistic health space.

He is a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach. His speciality is helping others identify the underlying imbalances in their body via functional medicine lab testing, and creating personalised, integrative wellness plans that include detoxing & rebalancing therapeutics to get them well again.

Manu speaks English (fluent), French (advanced), and German (basic).

Photo of Isabel Villagran

Isabel Villagran IHNC

Co-Founder & Creative Experience Director

Isabel is a free and adventurous soul, who spent most of her life feeling lost and incomplete. This forced her to pretend to be something that she wasn’t, constantly overthinking and overdoing, which resulted in her developing a range of ongoing chronic ‘dis-eases’ until she hit rock bottom. She experienced a burnout and a crisis in all major areas of her life. She had to step down for a long-time from her successful corporate career, as she didn’t start listening to her body soon enough.

Isabel now focuses on helping women recover from the effects that chronic stress and anxiety have caused in their bodies (i.e. “mind-body burnout”) in a holistic way.

Isabel speaks English & Spanish (fluent), and German (basic).

Gregor Madörin IHP

Integrative Health Practitioner

Greg’s health-related mid-life crisis came way before he was in mid-life. Crippled by debilitating back pain since his early 20s, Greg ultimately had to leave his corporate career as the pain got worse and worse over the years.

The mainstream healthcare system was not able to help him, so Greg was forced to take matters into his own hands. After years of research and accumulating lots of experience, he learned how to heal himself from deep within and was able to make his newly found passion for holistic health his new career path.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, Greg is now able to help people whose needs are not being met by the traditional healthcare system to make progress on their journey toward holistic health.

Greg speaks (Swiss) German & English (fluent), and French & Italian (Basic).

Our Practitioner Network

One of our goals with Seeds of Wellness is to be able to refer our clients to other practitioners whose skills and talents complement our own, and who we know are aligned with our vision. Below is an overview of our practitioner network.

Lara Bezerra

A former senior-level corporate executive, Lara coaches people on how to transform their life by unleashing the power of purpose and coherence.

Judith Kuijpers

Judith offers intuitive and empathetic life coaching for people when they are at a crossroads and sense that they need to change direction.

Michael Schüpbach

As a kinesiologist who balances body, emotions and mind, Michael has a track record in supporting clients with physical pain, ADHD/concentration issues, allergies, hormonal imbalance, relationship problems, work-related challenges and more.