Our Services

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients a number of different services, which can be selected in any combination depending on their unique needs at that point in time:

Seeds of Wellness services

Please note: we are not medical practitioners, and do not diagnose, treat or cure specific diseases.

Wellness Mini-Courses

We offer on-demand online mini-courses

We will soon offer online, on-demand mini-courses around several key wellness topics, such as holistic detox, healing & rebalancing digestion, restoring sleep, and more.

Each mini-course will include details of the core protocol involved, informational/instructional videos and guides (e.g. “How to” documents, practical guides, meal plans, etc) and other exclusive content aimed at helping people get and maintain the desired wellness goal.

Details of our first mini-course will be announced soon!

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

We offer access to functional medicine lab tests

For many people, the only way to finally be able to explain why they have chronic health conditions is to identify underlying imbalances in their bodies via functional medicine lab testing.

We have access to a number of at-home lab test kits that our clients can order, complete and return, after which we can interpret the results and provide personalised plans & protocols to get you well.


Integrative Health & Nutrition Plans

We offer integrative wellness plans

From our personal experience as well as from helping clients, we know that the best chance of achieving a state of good health and well-being comes from taking an integrative approach to wellness.

We specialise in creating personalised, integrative wellness plans for our clients that take a truly holistic view of their health.


Complementary Therapies

We offer a range of detoxing & reba;ancing therapeutics

Full-body detoxification and rebalancing is a priority for anyone who has suffered from chronic health conditions. To this end, we are happy to welcome clients living in or close to Basel, Switzerland, to our wellness practice to make use of our offerings there.

At the time of writing, we have a mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) chamber, and a combination infra-red & pulsed EMF therapy mat. Other therapeutic tools will be announced soon!


Health & Well-being Coaching

We offer holistic health coaching

While it is certainly possible for someone to make all of the lifestyle and environmental changes required to keep themselves healthy in the long-term, in many cases external guidance, support and accountability are required. This is especially the case when needing to rewire long-standing unhealthy habits or limiting beliefs. Ongoing coaching can therefore be vital to maximising the chance of success in reaching any wellness-related goal.


Wellness in the Workplace Programs

We offer Wellness in the Workplace programs

As co-founders of Seeds of Wellness who both had successful corporate careers that ultimately ended up in varying levels of ill health, we both understand how this process unfolds and also what companies can and should do to mitigate against it happening to their employees.

With our focus on truly integrative and holistic health, and our deep understanding of the corporate environment and its pressures on both management and the workforce, our Wellness in the Workplace programs will offer something quite different.

Details of our Wellness in the Workplace programs will be announced soon!