About Seeds Of Wellness

Photo of Manu Field & Isabel Villagran out in nature

We spent decades working in corporate careers, chronically stressed, and unknowingly building up physical and emotional toxicity in our bodies. We had never been taught how to live well holistically, i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally. So the health and life crises that we both ended up suffering were pretty much inevitable.

When things went wrong, we found that there was a limit to the help we could get from the traditional healthcare system. There was also minimal guidance or support available from anyone who could get us back on track in a holistic manner, personalising our plans to reflect each of our unique situations.

We spent a huge amount of time, energy and money trying lots of different treatment approaches, which usually helped to some degree but individually were not the answer. We also often felt overwhelmed, either in trying to sift through the vast amount of (often contradictory) information out there, choosing treatment options, or in figuring out how to integrate them into our daily lives.

In the end, we developed an integrative set of practices and protocols, taking the best of functional and complementary medicine, merging science with mind-body practices, that we know are effective in rebalancing the body when it is suffering from chronic “dis-ease” (i.e. lack of ease in the whole body) and to achieve a holistic, sustainable well-being state. We know because we used them to heal ourselves.

We founded Seeds of Wellness because we want to serve as a beacon of light to others in the same situation that we were in, and offer them the truly holistic wellness service they need.

We look forward to walking down your path to wellness with you.

What we believe based on our own experience

  • The symptoms of imbalance in the body, no matter how trivial or serious, are how your body communicates with you that something is out of balance and that it is actively working to rebalance itself.

  • To allow the body to heal, and to reverse symptoms, it is therefore necessary to identify and address the root cause(s) of those imbalances.

  • True health requires a holistic and integrative approach that is sustainable in the long term.

  • This involves not only looking at the body and its physical problems, but also at potential mental, emotional, mental and/or energetic issues that may all be contributing to the underlying imbalances.

  • Every human being is unique, and therefore there can be no “one size fits all” approach to wellness; each person has their own situation, needs and beliefs, and therefore will have to find and follow their own path to well-being.