Seeds Of Wellness

We are very pleased to welcome you to Seeds of Wellness, where we want to help people discover their true self, and be able to listen to their body and understand what it is trying to say to them when it is in a state of ‘dis-ease’. Ultimately, we are here to support people as they progress along their unique path to wellbeing.

We look forward to walking down this section of our respective pathways to wellness with you.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where people are free and able to make fully informed decisions about their health and well-being – based on a firm understanding of what their unique wellbeing needs are.

Where they have access to a range of information and perspectives to be able to make decisions that resonate best with their true selves. 

We believe that now is the time to help drive a ripple effect of awareness and action, improving the wellness outlook for this and future generations.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We help people to discover whatever it is that they are missing to bring balance to their body, mind and soul, which will be unique to them.

We curate different sources of information and perspectives to help empower people to make the best possible decisions about their own health and well-being.

We help people identify, plant and nurture their own unique seeds of wellness.


Our Approach

We aim to achieve our mission in the following ways:

  • By providing robust information and trustworthy perspectives on a number of topics relating to health and wellness.

  • By helping people figure out their own personal pathway to wellness, and then supporting their ongoing growth.

  • By connecting people to alternative health practitioners in the easiest and most pleasant way possible.

  • By building a community of like-minded people, offering mutual support in these uncertain times.

  • By organising meetings and events, to help people to inform and educate themselves.

  • By offering products and services (e.g. online courses) that serve the needs of our community.